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Shooters Goalie & Shooting Academy
Shooters Lacrosse is excited to announce our new year round Goalie and Shooting Academy! 
The Goalie and shooting position is often considered the most vital position on the field. It is a highly specialized position that requires a specific set of skills. Because of this, it is imperative that goalies receive individual attention. Unlike some of the best lacrosse programs throughout the country most programs often over look these most important position on the field! Often times, goalies receive a quick warm up with a coach for about 10 minutes at the beginning of each practice, then is left alone as the remainder of the team practice is spent on all the other aspects of the game of lacrosse. As for shooting often times players are allowed to shot on the cage before and after practice but during no instruction on the technique to given!  The problem is this does not allow for maximizing the overall growth of these position and thus doesn’t allow the goalieor the offensive threat in shooting to be the best that they can be! 
Shooters Lacrosse Goalie Academy, you enjoy a thorough lacrosse experience, including:
Straight-on shooting
Angle shots
Bounce shots
Defending ball-behind situations
Point blank shots
Step Body Balance
Informative presentations
Q&A sessions
Videotaped analysis
20 years experience coaching lacrosse (and counting!)
Shooting Academy focuses on several aspects of shooting fundamentals that provides the accuracy and speed to your over all scoring game   This includes 
Dodging to Shoot
Shooting on the run
Inside Shooting
Outside shooting  and much much more

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Tampa Lacrosse

Tampa Lacrosse is an affiliate of Clearwater Youth Lacrosse a Non Profit 501c3 which provides organized lacrosse for children of all ages.