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Grip It & Rip It

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5th annual


7 on 7

Grip It & Rip It Lacrosse Tournament

Date: Saturday, July 12th

Location: Joe DiMaggio Sports Complex

DiVisions: Boy's Men's open, U19, U17, U15, U13, U11 U9 Girls: U13, U15, U17 U19

Cost: $600 per team, $45 for free agents

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Penalties: Please refer to the following that are not listed in the rules.
*Fast break. All middies behind the midfield line, ball starts 5 yards in front of midfield.
*Offending player must be substituted out of the game.
*Personal Foul: Goal Scored during flag down. Goal counts, fast break.
*Technical Foul: Goal Scored during flag down. Goal counts, penalty wiped out by goal.
***** quick whistle as soon as the goalie has possession after a goal to re-start play.
This tournament is designed for fast paced fun with an emphasis on skills. While body contact is allowed, there will be no take out checks permitted. A take out check is defined as a deliberate attempt to go after the man for the purpose of hitting him without any regard for going after the ball.
Play will consist of two 24 minute running time halves. 4 minute half time.
Even though its 7V7 Tournament- we will use 2 Attack, 3 Middies, 2 Defense, and a goalie
Onside is in effect – 2 players on offense and 3 on defense at all times.
Penalties are called and served as they are in regular field lacrosse. Since running time, 1 minute penalties will be 1 minute 30 seconds served and 30 second penalties, 45 seconds served. Penalty time starts when penalized player takes one knee, out of bounds at midfield line on bench side of field.
Game ending in a tie is decided by sudden death starting immediately after regulation with faceoff. No switching of sides.
Each half begins with Faceoff. On faceoffs, goalies must remain in crease until possession signaled and defenseman and attack must remain behind goal line extended until possession signaled. After a goal is scored, goalie fishes ball out of cage and puts ball in play from his crease area., and play starts on referees whistle.
All player substitutions are on the fly.
Each team allotted one timeout per half. Timeouts are one minute long.
Maximum 3 long poles on field at a time.
Any players or coaches involved in a fight will be expelled from the tournament. Zero Tolerance for fighting.
Flagrant Fouls: 1st offense-expulsion from game; 2nd offense(occurring anytime during the tournament after first offense) expulsion from tournament. The referee will be the sole determinant as to whether a foul is flagrant or not.
Tiebreakers: For seeding purposes. (1) Won – Loss
(2)Head to Head
(3)Goals Against
(4)Goals For
(5)Coin Flip




















Jokers U19

(A)Jokers U17

Team 99 u15

(B)Sandsharks  U13

Jokers U11

Sandsharks U9


Live Love Lax

(A)Sandsharks U17

Yellow jackets u15

(B)Tampa Tarpons

Sandsharks U11

Shooters U9




Beast u15

(B)Jokers U13

Jaguars u11

Jaguars u9



(B)Tribe u17


(A)Jaguars U13





(B)Beast U17


(A)Team 99 u13



















1 - Top

2 - west Middle

3 - East Middle

4 - Northeast

5 - Southeast

8:00 AM

u9 - Sandsharks v Shooters


(A)u13 Jags v Team 99

(B)U13 Tampa Tarpons v Sandsharks

U15 Yellow Jackets v Team 99

U9 Monsters v Jags

9:00 AM

u11 Sandsharks v Jaguars

u19 Tribe v Chill


(A)U17 Hurricanes v Sandsharks

(B) U17 Summerline v Tribe

U11 Jokers v Monsters

10:00 AM

u9 - Shooters v Jaguars

(A)U13 Jags v Madlax

(B)U13 Tampa Tarpons v Jokers

u15 Yellow Jackets v Beast

u15 Titans v Team 99

U9 Sandsharks v Monsters

11:00 AM

U11 Sandsharks v Jokers

U19 Jokers v Live Love Lax

U19 Chill v Beast

(A)U17 Hurricanes v Jokers

(B) u17 Beast v Tribe

                     u11 Jags v Monsters

12:00 PM

U9 - Shooters v Monsters

(A) u13 Madlax v Team 99 

(B)U13 Jokers v Sandsharks

U15 Yellow Jackets v Titans

U15 Beast  v Team 99

U9 Jags v Sandsharks

1:00 PM

U11 Sandsharks v Monsters

U19 Beast v Live Love Lax

U19 Tribe v Jokers

(A)U17 Sandsharks v Jokers

(B) U17 Summerline v Beast

                     U11 Jokers v Jags

2:00 PM

U9 -Championship seed1 v Seed 2

U13 Championship Seed A1 v Seed B1

U13 Seed A2 v Seed B2

U15 Beast v Titans

U13 Seed A3 v Seed B3

U11 Seed 2 v Seed 3

3:00 PM

U11 Championship Seed 1 v Seed 2

U19 Seed 2 v Seed 3

U19 Seed 4 v Seed 5

U17 Championship Seed A1 v Seed B1

U17 Seed A2 v Seed B2

U17 Seed A3 v B3

4:00 PM




U15 Championship Seed 1 v Seed 2



3:30 PM


4:30PM - U19 Championship Seed 1 v 2/3 winner



























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