Larry Fletcher Award



The Larry Fletcher award is a highly recognized national award not given out by ones sole athletic domination on the field but more based on ones ability to pay off the ref’s, directors and politicians.

The following winners through much politicking and $$$$$$ spent on there campaign along with the threats of lawsuits are.......

Summer 2010 winner....... Larry Fletcher








Fall League 2010 Winner.......... Jim Shaler

Summer League 2011 Dave German

Fall League 2011 ZIGGY

Summer League 2012 - Tom Fitzsimons

Fall League 2012 - Christian Albert


Summer League 2013 - Mark Allman



Fall League 2013 - Frank Lanuto


Summer 2014 - Don Munkwitz



Fall 2014 - John Shaw



Summer 2015 - Marc Swensen



Summer 2016 - Kenny G



Summer League 2017


 2018 Summer League